Bad Influence (daggerpen) wrote in bat_brats,
Bad Influence

Fic: ... And Back Again

Title: ...And Back Again
Characters/Pairings: Jason Todd/Red Hood, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Batman II, Tim Drake/Red Robin, mentions of Damian Wayne/Robin V, Alfred Pennyworth and the Joker
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Mentions of torture and drug abuse, aftermath of torture and drug abuse, panic attacks, PTSD flashbacks, and swearing.
Word Count: 7239
Summary: The sequel to Hell. Jason survived. He really can’t say much else.
A/N: Co-written bydaggerpen  and phoenixofborg . See? We promised you it wouldn’t be all bad. Please don’t lynch us, we have family who’d be sad if we died.

The first thing he’s aware of is noise.  )
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