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Fic: Security, Fandom: Batman/DCU, Character: Tim, Rating: G

Fandom: Batman/DCU
Characters: Tim Drake
Rating: G
Summary: Tim hides it really well, armed with his camera against the world.
AN: Written for the prompt Armor at prompt_of_day, and based on two headcanons on tumblr, one about Tim having OCD and the other about Tim taking off-duty pictures of his family through the camera in his cowl. In regards to OCD, I just want to clarify that OCD is a lot more than the obsessive hand washing or stove/door/window checking that people tend to associate OCD with. This was a bit terrifying to write, to be honest, but it reawakened my love for Tim, so that makes it worth it. Comments and constructive criticism is always appreciated. I hope you enjoy the story.

Tim is never without a camera.
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