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Batfamily Headcannons:Dick Grayson Can't Be Still

Batfamily Headcannon: Dick Grayson Can’t Be Still

Dick Grayson hates to be still; in fact at times ever cell in his body clamors for action. Even in his sleep, he is often in constant motion. The only thing that can help is if he has something or someone to hold on to. When Dick has something to hold on to it anchors him because it feels like grabbing the fly bar or the hands of the catcher. Having nothing to hold on to at feels like the space between where being still results in a fall. To Dick Grayson possessing velocity is like flight. However the type of flight that Grayson lives with each beat of his heart is not the kind of flight of birds or bats. It is the flight of tree dwellers such as monkey’s and sugar gliders. It is flight with purpose and direction; leaping from one perch to another. Flight where finding purchase is like coming home but where without direction holds the dread of falling and crashing.
This need for motion in Dick Grayson is particularly apparent in how he behaves when he is stressed, confused, bored or any number of negative states. It does not take the bats expert profiling abilities to deduce this fact of Dick Grayson’s nature it is clear for all to see. Any time Dick Grayson is in a bad way he will tumble, when he needs to think he will walk on his hands. To Dick walking in a hand stand is like pacing to others. Their is an aspect to these behaviors that is like a self hug ( it reminds me of Daniel Jackson’s self hugs in Stargate Sg1) or like a cat purring. In other it’s a coping method and part of why it works is that doing the movements of his childhood brings comfort along comfort in the memory of more carefree days. However Dick Grayson’s moments of joy are characterized by the same motions but their character is more playful than frenzied. It is when Dick Grayson is still then you know that he is at his lowest low.


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